3 Life Lessons From My Book Signing Road Trip

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This was my 1st road trip alone, since my book launched on June 4, 2016. On my 4hr drive back, I thought about the weekend and learned these 3 life lessons.

My moms friends, Mrs. Bragg celebrated her 91st birthday. 3rd picture is my mom's high school teacher.
My moms friends, Mrs. Bragg celebrated her 91st birthday. 3rd picture is my mom’s high school teacher.
  1. Your greatest blessings, most times, come in small packages. Initially, I didn’t want to go to this event because it was a small venue and I had no idea how many people were coming.  The blessing: I had an opportunity to learn from women in their 80s and 90s. Mrs. Bragg  said, “I’m not looking for a man my age. All they want is a nurse and my purse. They not getting my purse and I didn’t train to be no nurse.” #wisdom
  2. The amount of a gift is not as important as the heart behind the gift. Due to the generous support of these ladies, I was able to bless a young lady with a $100 donation for college. Initially, I felt like a failure for not raising more money but I realized that my donation was BIG in God’s eyes.
  3. It’s important to enjoy the journey. My family always drives through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel without stopping at the bridge. Well, since I was by myself, I decided to stop. I was able to stand where the Atlantic Ocean dumps into the Chesapeake Bay. It was a relaxing experience and I did not have to rush. At my parent’s house,  my daddy fed me well and sent me hone with goodies for my family.

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I enjoyed being able to learn from from these hilarious seasoned ladies and spending time with my parents. It was a great trip and I am looking forward to many more.

Have you ever learned a life lesson on a trip you took by yourself?

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Want ways to improve your marriage? Pick up a copy of my book, Being a Wife Just Got Real by clicking book.

26 thoughts on “3 Life Lessons From My Book Signing Road Trip

  1. I am so glad this even worked out for you. When I was in college every little bit helped. That $100 will buy her a book and that is huge when you are a struggling college student. Every day provides us a new opportunity to learn and grow, fortunately you took the time to evaluate the lessons.

  2. Very beautiful. I’m in my 30’s but I spend time with women over 50. We meet for breakfast, lunch and everything else in between. There’s some much wisdom in the fellowship of older women. I am grateful for those who I call my friend.

  3. What an absolute blessing to see so many elders celebrating your accomplishments! Your mom’s teacher looks really young! Thanks for the lessons/reminders that it’s the little things that truly make us blessed.Godspeed and all the best in your journey as an author. Enjoy the journey indeed!

  4. I loved this post. I totally love what the lady said about being too old to be a nurse..Haha! Good for her. I often have time to reflect when l travel alone. I did it before l got married and still do sometimes for various reasons. Both are good.

  5. I love the wisdom of older women. LOL Although the amount was small, I’m pretty sure the recepiant appreciated the thoughtfulness. You can have a big crowd but a small crowd can bring wisdom and meaning. Big things come in small packages.

  6. I’ve never taken an entire trip by myself but I have traveled alone many a time to meet others. I enjoy the solace it provides.

  7. I have a thing for older women who speak their mind. They do so unapologetically and I learn from it every time. Kudos to you for stepping outside of your comfort zone.

    1. Yes girl and she was ever so serious about that too!!! This was my 1st time and I cna see doing it more often. I love traveling with hubby and our teens but this was a great trip by myself.

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