“The BOOK”



I was standing there in disbelief, with my hands folded over my growing belly thinking, “This fool has lost his freaking mind. Is he really taking apart our bed in the middle of the night?”

In my debut book, Being A Wife Just Got Real, I share the “real” things that went on after my wedding was over, all my friends had gone on with life and I returned the gifts for gift cards. I sprinkle doses of humor in with the realities of being a wife – the good, the bad and the ugly.

My true story gives you a comedic, sobering and refreshing look behind the scenes after we say, “I Do”. Through prayer, self-reflection, and a willingness to change, I and my husband went from fighting each other to fighting for our marriage. I dare you to believe that the hope and love you once shared with your husband, will be rekindled when you begin your journey to being a better you and a better wife.

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I would love to come to your church, Marriage Ministry, singles/married women’s group, Girls’ Night Out, etc. to share what I chose to do to remain married to Donald Barnett for 17 years.

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