I Was A Hot Mess

Girlfriend, I’m going to be honest. In 2010, I was a hot mess!

I was a depressed, overweight stay-at-home mom who was desperate for something better – especially a better marriage. At that time, I was homeschooling my 2 youngest kids, a home daycare provider, full time college student and exhausted beyond words.

My wakeup call was an October doctor’s appointment where I found out I had diabetes. I cried for weeks. I ate everything in sight to comfort myself and gained another 10lbs by January 2011(picture on the left).

In January 2011, I decided to change my entire life around!

I dug deep, prayed A LOT and began walking. I changed my diet and the way I felt about myself. Since I was turning 40 that year, my motto was #40by40.

2011 was not without challenges, but it was a pivotal point in my life. I also found out that I had ALOPECIA, which is hair loss.

It was the year I decided to live on purpose. Not only did I lose 53lbs, but I was declared diabetes FREE by my 40th birthday in November.

My marriage also began to improve as I worked on the personal issues I brought into my marriage. Once I began to reflect on my shortcomings, worked on my funky ways, and made a choice to have joy, my life changed drastically. Through God’s GRACE and MERCY, I made it to today—The REAL ME!

Allow me to help you do the same. Join me on the #RealWifeMovement to not only become a better you but to have a better relationship with your boyfriend or husband.

Creating Strong Marriages, One Wife at a Time