Join Me — My 1st Webinar!

REAL TALK: I’m hosting my 1st webinar on March 21st, 8pm EST and I am ridiculously nervous about it.

You know what? I would love it if you joined me.

My goal is to assist relationships in becoming spicier and more fun. For years, I just didn’t have this. I was in a marriage that was more like roommates.

Thankfully, I was able to change my marriage around and I want that for you.

During this juicy, adult-only conversation, we will talk about:

  • How to preserve your energy by identifying energy drainers and eliminating them

  • How to communicate your needs in a way that draws your partner closer

  • How to increase intimacy without a single touch

  • How to change your mindset about the role of intimacy in marriage

  • How to increase spontaneity and break boring routines

If you are not in a relationship, I am sure you have girlfriends, co-workers, cousins or sisters who need the information I will be sharing.

The best thing about this webinar — it’s 100% FREE!

The link for the webinar is

I hope you can join me!

PS. Have you joined my Facebook group yet?  If not, come join the juicy conversations and bring a friend.

One thought on “Join Me — My 1st Webinar!”

  1. So exciting congrats!! I’m single but I will share with my married friends and family.


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