Women of Action of Charles County’s A Day Without A Woman

I am so proud of my friend Abena McAllister!
Right after the election, she created the Women of Action Charles County begin a transformation in our county. When we chatted about it, I told her to go for it. She’s young and well connected in our community.
She created a FB group and asked us to add like-minded women to the group. At her first meeting  last month, we had over 40 women of all backgrounds, faiths, and races in attendance.
Attorney Abena McAllister
At the meeting, ladies talked about the upcoming “A Day Without A Woman” on March 8th. With the support of Maggie Mudd-Stewart, they organized a strike, march and rally from our county courthouse to the county town hall.

Beautiful new Logo for Women of Action Charles County


We actually experienced people yelling at us. They said things such as “Go to Work”, “Crazy B**ches”,  and “Get a Job”. We had several thumbs down – some even from women with their kids in the car. At first, I was annoyed, but I then started to feel sorry for those women. We were out there for her reproductive rights, access to health care for her kids and equal pay.
Overall, it was an amazing event and I am proud to have been able to support my sister friends! I am super excited about our next steps: PUBLIC OFFICE!!!
Tajala Battle Lockhart, HOA Vice President



A Day Without A Woman Organizer Chair, Maggie Mudd-Stewart


Attorney Abena McAllister, Executive Director, Women of Action Charles County


Asqua Siddique, young activist


Wanda Woodland, Charles County NAACP


Joan Madewell, LGTBQ Activist


Dyotha Sweat, Military Veteran



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  1. I don’t know her, but l am proud of her as well. It’s a wonderful thing she started and hope it empowers a lot of people to join up. We need more like her 🙂

  2. Great work, an absolute inspiration. I also did a piece of IWD2017 but touching on different issues women face.


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