When Chic Brides Brunch

I had the distinct pleasure of attending When Chic Brides Brunch, Sunday, April 30th at Salsa with Silva on Georgia […]

Being a Wife Ain’t Always Cute

Nor is being a wife glamorous….. Sure, you see the sexy vacation pics and the fun selfies folks post on social […]

S.O.S. – We All Need Help Sometimes

Summer is on it’s way and most of us want to be on our relationship/marriage A-GAME! After all, there will […]

You Just Have to Fight For Your Marriage

A few years ago, Don and I were at a crossroad: do we remain married even though we didn’t like […]

Join Me — My 1st Webinar!

REAL TALK: I’m hosting my 1st webinar on March 21st, 8pm EST and I am ridiculously nervous about it. You […]

Guest Interview: Wedding Planner Stephanie White

As you know, the Real Wife Movement promotes healthy and whole relationships, especially in the African American community. For the […]

Tired to Wired in the Bedroom

We have all been there….you’ve worked your eight or nine hour day, or been home all day with the kids, […]

12 Movies To Fall in Love With

I sat home watching a marathon of chick flicks on Valentine’s Day because of the flu. I chose to watch […]

20 Texts to send Your Boo-Thang on Valentine’s Day

Men like to be flirted with. They love provocative speech and they love for women to be sassy and sexy. […]

5 Ways To Make Time for Your Boo During the Holidays- Part 5

As I close out this list of tips, I am hopeful that you have taken them to heart. It’s important that […]