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Welcome to part 2 of commit to being fit in 2017.

In my last post, I shared 5 tips to begin the journey to being fit.

  1. Check to see if your job rewards healthy lifestyles. I found out my brother gets $500 a year just for tracking his steps. He has an app on his phone that he links his fitness tracker too. At the end of the year, he gets $500. He also gets another $500 for getting physical. He also gets money for tracking his food. I checked our benefits yesterday and we get monetary rewards too. We are leaving free money on the table ladies. Get that Money!

    Tracker for food and exercise
  2. Get a fitness tracker. Whether it’s a Fitbit or a $7 pedometer, track your steps. The beauty about the digital ones is that you can add your friends via, Facebook or through your contacts. You can do this with My Fitness Pal and so many other apps. If you have a Fitbit, look me up. My name is Tanya Barnett on there. Let’s hold each other accountable.
  3. Get your family involved. I purchased Fitbits for me and the hubby. Now, we challenge each other and try to outstep each other. We also have a gym membership that lets us bring our teens to the gym with us. In the evening, we go together.

    This was an example on the FitBit website.
  4. Be positive. Committing to be fit can and should be a fun experience. Too many times, we think about what we can’t eat, but there are so many yummy things we can eat. Celebrate at the 5lb increment. Celebrate moving your belt down to another hole. Celebrate with non-food items. How about a mani-pedi? Go for a facial. Treat yourself to a movie.
  5. Have fun! becoming fit takes time so have fun with it. It is not a sprint to the finish line. You will quit before you get the results you desire. Take water aerobics. Go to Zumba. Get your girlfriends involved. Meet new ladies to get fit with if your crew isn’t interested. Join groups like Black Girls RUN! I started the Southern Maryland chapter and lead it for 3 1/2 years. We take walkers, pregnant moms, women with babies in strollers and kiddos on bikes. Our motto is, “No Woman Left Behind”. We wait for every single woman that shows up. We will walk with the walkers. There is no intimidation. There is a chapter in every state and overseas. Look us up!
Black Girls RUN! Southern Maryland

As you think about goals you want to achieve in 2017, commit to being fit this year. I can’t wait to celebrate your victories!

Let’s Go! Ain’t no Stoppin Us!!!

2 thoughts on “COMMIT TO BE FIT IN 2017 PT. 2”

  1. Wow! Free money sounds good to me! This year, l am stepping up my fitness regimen. My goal is to move closer to water and walk more. If l find a reasonably priced gym, l will do that too 🙂 .

  2. I have a couple of different pedometers…a fitbit, my app on my phone and my samsung watch, I must admit they keep me motivated to get in more steps!


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