What Women Really Think About While “In The Stirrups”

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The last time I went to have my Well Woman’s (GYN) Exam, I took a shower the night before and one that morning. I made sure my toes were painted and that my knees and feet were thoroughly slathered with copious amounts of lotion. I always schedule my exams for first thing in the morning so I don’t sweat ‘down there’ prior to my appointments.

Recently, I found out I am not the only woman to go the extra mile prior to this exam. A recent survey of women about their thoughts before and during their exams, revealed that we all do something similar. We are super self-conscious and uncomfortable with our GYN exams.

Girlfriend, I must confess, I am guilty and have done two of the  survey results.

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The survey found:

  • Nearly 70 percent of women spend more time bathing/showering before their GYN exam – an average of 7 minutes more than usual
  • 80 percent of women prefer to wear “granny panties” rather than lingerie to their GYN exam
  • 4 in 5 women keep their socks on while in the stirrups
  • 1 in 4 women would rather discuss their favorite TV show than the tests they receive at their GYN exam

I had the opportunity to interview Aimee Holland and Best-Selling Author Melanie Notkin about this survey. I truly enjoyed this interview with these ladies. Their honesty is refreshing.

I know you will laugh and will definitely relate to the information they share. This interview will make you think just as I did. Make sure you have note taking material ready. I want you to be informed and empowered. Be sure to ask questions the next time you go to your GYN Exam. Enjoy!

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Aimee Holland is a women’s health nurse practitioner and member of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH). She advises women on the best screening tests to discuss with a healthcare provider, including those for cervical cancer.

Melanie Notkin is the author of Otherhood: Modern Women Finding A New Kind of Happiness. Melanie is now advocating for another woman’s issue – speaking up at your annual gynecologic exam.

Book excerpt: More American women are childless than ever before—nearly half those of childbearing age don’t have children. While our society often assumes these women are “childfree by choice,” that’s not always true. In reality, many of them expected to marry and have children, but it simply hasn’t happened. Wrongly judged as picky or career-obsessed, they make up the “Otherhood,” a growing demographic that has gone without definition or visibility until now. 

Provided by Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH) and HealthyWomen with support from Hologic, Inc.  

For more information on female health, visit www.npwh.org or www.healthywomen.org.

What are some of the rituals you do prior to or during your appointment?

20 thoughts on “What Women Really Think About While “In The Stirrups”

  1. I definitely do a little extra prep before all my doctor’s appointments, because you never know. And I always keep on my socks because it is usually freezing in those exam rooms.

  2. Lol! This is hilarious. I know it also sounds so vain of me but as I have moved cities, I always have to have an OB/GYN that I felt is cute and took care of her own lady parts. I didn’t want somebody old looking at me down there. Cheers to good feminine health!

  3. LOL. I always groom really carefully and schedule mine first thing in the morning too! LOL. And in the winter, my socks are always still on

  4. Ooh chile, I could tell you some stories about my visits but I’ll keep them to myself. I will say that my doctor don’t get no special treatment on that day. I do what I always do.

  5. lol I keep my socks on if it’s not summertime and always schedule in the morning. When I was younger afternoons were okay. My doctor always initiates conversations. Before it was school now it’s “are you seeing someone”? lol

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