We Will Forgo a Christmas Tree This Year

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If you are like me, you have a million things on your plate. Putting up a Christmas tree is not on that list. That task, my friend, was delegated to our teenagers. I told my son to tell his friends that he would holler at them later and to turn off his Xbox. I told my daughter to shut off her new-found love, Netflix. They were to bring the tree up from the basement and to get it dressed before they could return to them.

About 15 minutes later, I heard arguing and fussing from the basement. They couldn’t decide who was bringing up what and who was going to do what. Hubby, who was in the man cave, was oblivious to the commotion even though his cave is in the basement. I threatened them that they would be on electronic lock-down for the rest of the night, when my smarty-pants daughter decided she was going to educate me.

She asked, “Mom, why are we putting up the tree? You guys give us a lot during the year and truthfully, I don’t want or need anything but some make-up. Besides, the tree is just more work for us and there will be nothing under it since you guys give us money for Christmas.” She then went in on the tradition of the Christmas tree. She shared how she did not feel it was necessary for us to have one with them now being teenagers. I was blown away by her wisdom.

Our lone little Christmas tree before we took it down

I agreed with her and told her that was the most profound thing she has said all year. She rolled her eyes and laughed. I thanked her for acknowledging what we have done for them all year and for being grateful. They brought the tree up anyway and put all of 20 ornaments on it. After a few days, of looking at the tree with a handful of ornaments on it, I told them to take it back downstairs.

This year, we will forgo a Christmas tree and I’m okay with it. I appreciate the fact that my kids can think for themselves and that they feel free to drop knowledge on me without fear of me being offended.  I will still decorate the rest of the house with the usual trimmings, since I love this time of year. The Christmas tree will stay in a box in the closet in the basement.

When was the last time your kids dropped knowledge on you?

25 thoughts on “We Will Forgo a Christmas Tree This Year

  1. My children are young (4 & 2) and I get a handful of thoughts often from my sassy 4 year old, I cant wait to see as they get older their thoughts and opinions on things. My parents used to listen to our opinion even if they didn’t agree and I plan to do the same thing! I personally like the tree but I totally get not doing all of that and if everyone is on the same page that is all that matters!

  2. That is hilarious. We have a tree because I have a 4 year old. She wants all of the magic and I want her to have it. Putting up the tree is a lot of work though. I never feel like doing it but I love the end result.

  3. I love when my daughter drops some major knowledge. Make me feel super proud. It shows that they are actually listening after all. lol

  4. Well, if they don’t want it, I wouldn’t be bothered either, My son couldn’t care less if we had a tree or not, but this year, the Christmas tree is for me. LOL!

  5. They are old enough to know lol they proved that to you. It saves you a headache in the long run, too. Meanwhile I have a 5 year old who wants my house to look like NYC Christmas on steroids.

  6. Christmas is huge in our home and my teens had no problem putting up the tree. In fact, that is their job every year. We love it, tree and all.

  7. Hahahaha…I love it when our kids drop that knowledge. I haven’t put our tree up in three years. We’re always traveling to see family. I think I’ll do a little something this year since the kids are coming right after Christmas with my mother-in-law. <3

  8. I’ve actually never had a Christmas tree! lol I think when I finally find a place that I can call “home” I’ll get a small one, but that’s as far as it will go. I’m just happy when I can spend time with family from back home.

  9. Putting up the tree is fun, taking it down is the hard work. I’m glad that you listened to your daughter but I must be honest, the lazy in me would have left that tree up until January. lol!

  10. I agree with your daughter. I’m always so enthusiastic when it’s time to put the tree up. But I run out of steam when it’s time to take everything down.
    We always travel for Christmas anyway, so I’ll skip the tree this year.

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