Want to Compromise Like a Negotiator?

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By now, you may know I live life to the fullest. Yet, I had to find a way to compromise like a negotiator to ensure Don felt included. Only recently, did he join my world. Prior to that, he thought I was crazy for having a packed schedule.

Family Time Expo
Family Time Expo

This weekend was yet another one filled with events ,so I asked Don to help a sister out.

Keshua made this purple set in 2hrs at 8pm and delivered it early the next morning.

I want to share with you how to compromise with your husband to get things done so everyone benefits.

  1. I needed jewelry for my event Saturday but I didn’t have time to pick it up. (My friend Keshua of KK Jewels makes jewelry for my events.) I told him I would “hook him up” later if he ran this errand for me. This made him extremely happy and he eagerly obliged! Hey, it worked for me too! Give and you shall receive, you know what I’m saying.
  2. Doni was an assistant to a full figured model. Don was initially
    Doni and Full Figure model, Erica
    Doni and Full Figure model, Erica

    going to take her so I could go to a house warming. I also knew he REALLY wanted to catch the Cowboys game.  I told him I would take her to the shoot so he could catch some of the game and then we could make the house warming a date. He agreed and  decided to record the game so he could catch all of it later. (This is HUGE LADIES. He chose me over the COWBOYS!!!)

  3. After the housewarming, we headed to the Indie 500 Fashion Show. Since, I am not great at taking pictures with my phone, Iasked Don to help me out. He loves to take pictures, so he was excited about it. Plus, having press passes, placed us in VIP and we had access to the designers and the models.

I found that when Don feels like he is taking an active role in what I have going on, he is more inclined to participate. Find what your honey likes and incorporate that into your negotiations. Marriage must consist of constant compromise for it to work. I am happy we finally figured this out and it makes life easier. When I benefit, he benefits and we get to spend more time together.

What do you do to compromise in  your relationship?

Want ways to improve your marriage? Pick up a copy of my book, Being a Wife Just Got Real by clicking book.
Want ways to improve your marriage? Pick up a copy of my book, Being a Wife Just Got Real by clicking book.

18 thoughts on “Want to Compromise Like a Negotiator?

  1. These are really good tips, Tanya. I’m giggling at your Tip #1. I often say things like this to my husband, too. I think it’s so great that your husband likes helping you out with your projects. Having your partner’s support is very motivating, especially when trying to reach your goals. Great post!

  2. Real talk! I like to compromise with my hubbs by using #2. I know he loves the game and doesn’t want to miss them so we find ways to work around them.

  3. Great post, as usual. Compromise is essential to any relationship. Finding ways to work together and make each other feel happy and included is essential to the harmony of a happy relationship.

  4. I think that is a great tip. I am very independent and a doer but my husband loves helping out and doing things for me as I do for him.

    1. Yes, We are learning to support each other in our endeavors. He loves being a part of my world now that I am blogging consistently and he sees the great things I get to do.

  5. We don’t use the word compromise in our marriage. We focus on making sure we meet others needs routinely, so that pitching in our helping out doesn’t feel like a burden. It’s the same concept, but with a slightly different feel to it. No one loses when your needs are met.

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