Being a Wife Ain’t Always Cute

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Nor is being a wife glamorous….. Sure, you see the sexy vacation pics and the fun selfies folks post on social media. I know I post […]

4 Books That Made My Marriage Better: Part 1

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This post contains affiliate links.  My husband Don and I have been married for 17 years, however, the first 15 were awfully tumultuous. We argued […]

I Am Great Mom!

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For years, I questioned my parenting skills and I wondered if I would ever be a great mom. After all, I was pregnant with my […]

{Shelly’s Story} The Beauty of the Blended Family

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During the month of October, The Real Wife Movementâ„¢ will be featuring stories from wives who have blended families. They will share what they did […]

Want to Compromise Like a Negotiator?

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By now, you may know I live life to the fullest. Yet, I had to find a way to compromise like a negotiator to ensure Don […]

5 Tips For Making My Blended Family Work

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Many people ask, “how did you make your blended family work?” With so much divorce in our society, I can see how this perplexes folks. […]

Love Pays Dividends

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Love pays dividends big time when you are a giver. This weekend was uber busy for me! I took a 2 day road trip round […]

Congressional Black Caucus Relationship Panel

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3 months after my book launch and 2 months after a total rebranding, I sat on a panel at the Congressional Black Caucus. The panel […]

Real Wife Conversation at the Serendipity Jazz Coffeehouse 

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***THEY ARE RELOCATING! FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK.*** The atmosphere was relaxing and quaint. The food was good and the menu was impressive. I was pleased […]

What? Serve My Husband?

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✈️A few weeks I was sitting at the airport waiting on the hubby’s flight to come in. Prior to leaving for his trip, he wanted […]