{Naomi’s Story} No, I WANT to Call Him Daddy!

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During the month of October, The Real Wife Movementâ„¢ will be featuring stories from wives who have blended families. They will share what they did to ensure their families thrived beyond 10 years.

Be inspired by Naomi’s Story.

“I love you, Mr. Sammy.”
Naomi, Sammy and Corlise
Naomi, Sammy and Corlise
Anytime I stop and think about the relationship between my husband and daughter, I always think back to her little 4-year-old voice uttering those words. My husband and I were married in 2005 and my daughter simply adored him!
We had a conversation with my daughter Corlise prior to our wedding, and we explained to her that we were getting married. I mainly focused on telling her that she didn’t have to call him “daddy.” My husband and I were both fine with her referring to him as Mr. Sammy. I remember my daughter saying so clearly and with a big smile on her face, “No, I WANT to call him daddy.” I didn’t know it then, but that was a great lesson for me. 

Her little self knew that if mom and Mr. Sammy were getting married, WE were all going to be one family unit. She never knew

Sammy and Corlise
Sammy and Corlise

about step-parenting until she got older and met other children with step-parents. She came home one day and told me that she and some other children were in conversation about step parents. They wanted to know why my daughter didn’t refer to her dad as a step-dad. She told them, “Because, he’s not.” Her response to those other children made me smile. It caused me to reflect on how my husband has always treated our soon-to-be 17-year-old like a queen and like his own.

He’s loved her, disciplined her, and raised her to love God. My husband has been a great example of God’s unconditional love and acceptance. As believers, we have all been adopted into the Body of Christ and God NEVER treats us like “step” anything! My hope for other blended families is that they keep the concepts of oneness, love, and acceptance at the forefront of their minds.
Our family has been through many ups and downs over the years, but we continue to stand as a family unit, learning how to overcome any obstacles…together.
Naomi Davis is a proud stay-home-mom who loves business and entrepreneurship. Prior to embarking on her
entrepreneurial endeavors, Naomi served in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years. Naomi currently operates a successful home-based child care facility and a home-based travel agency.


29 thoughts on “{Naomi’s Story} No, I WANT to Call Him Daddy!

  1. Nice! I think people don’t give children enough credit 🙂 . I always hate the goo goo gagas that older people do with kids.. Talk to them and they will tell you. Glad that they made a nice family :-).

  2. Wonderful story! I can almost hear her little voice saying, “But I want to call him daddy!”. Based on all the stories I’ve read this month, some labels or terms about family and love need to wiped away. The terms “blended family” and “step parent” have no place in our homes. It puts a stipulation or qualifies the root word, “family” and “parent”. And at the end of the day, that’s what we are.

  3. Great story, thanks to Naomi for sharing it with us. I love that her daughter was so bold in how she felt at such a young age. I also love that she wasn’t afraid to stand in her truth with her friends.

  4. What an awesome story! We can learn so much from children. Kudos to Naomi and her husband for honoring their daughter and their family.

  5. I always cringe at the word “step” when referring to my father in law. My mother in law married him after her kids were grown so he didn’t raise them, but he’s been a great male figure and the best grandpa. He loves to spoil my three and would give them the world. I agree that family is family, simple as that. You don’t need to be of the same race or bloodline to love and be one.

    1. That is the truth! When we start the relationship in unity, everyone simply falls in line as time goes on. I love that the kids have a loving grandpa. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.

  6. Such an amazing story! I was just talking with a co-worker about blended families this morning. Since my step daughters parents are both so active in her life, I always felt I was just there to assist them as parents. I never look at the word ‘step’ in a negative way. I taught my daughter that for me it meant that I’m ‘stepping’ up to assist her parents raise her not to take their place. I think the experience the children have is what really makes the difference.

  7. The sweetest thing ever! My Dad used to always say if you’re with a man that has a child, treat that child like your own. Love this story. BTW you and your husband look like kids…lol

  8. We have never embraced the word “step. ” I find it to be unnecessary. For those who know my family situation I call it “bonus,” but we’re family, plain and simple. Isn’t it crazy when our babies have to teach lessons about life? Great story.

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