Does Your P Have These 4 Amazing Powers?

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As a woman, I have learned over the years that people need a lot from us, especially our husbands. In my book, Being a Wife Just Got Real: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Said, I Do, I talk about all the roles we play as a wife.

As I was lying in bed in Jamaica last week, I began to think about how powerful my “P” is to my husband. Before you get all uncomfortable and grossed out and click off my page to stage a boycott for indecency, let me explain: this “P” I’m talking about is my PROMISE.

When I promise I will do something for someone, especially my husband, I must remember the amazing power it has. For years, my husband complained that I would promise to pick up his dry cleaning, have sex, simply print off resumes for a job interview, etc., only to forget, ignore or just not follow through. I am recently realizing that this caused him to feel like I didn’t care about his needs.

So, I promised him that I would do better and be very intentional about my follow through. After all, I love this guy and want him to feel like I do care about his needs. I came up with these four amazing powers of my “P”. I hope they inspire you to use your “P” to its fullest potential.

  1. My “P” – creates a sense of commitment. For years, my husband felt he didn’t matter to me and that I wasn’t committed to him. I would brush him off and continue to, let’s be honest, disrespect him. Once the light-bulb came on in my thick skull, I began to keep my word to him and now he knows I will keep my promise. If I feel that I can’t do something, I am just honest and tell him upfront that if I can get to it I will, if I can’t, he is disappointed. This has reduced lots of tension and complaints.
  2. My “P” – creates a sense of value. Now that my husband feels like he matters to me, it added a sense of value to him. Unbeknownst to me, men need to feel valued and wanted. Keeping my promise gave him that sense of value in my eyes and he began to trust me more.
  3. My “P” – creates trust. Let’s talk about TRUST baby-girl.  Oh yeah, well, breaking my img_1298promises over and again for years, caused my husband to lose trust in me. Perfect example, I would tell him, “not now honey, later tonight”. Well, when night rolled around, her went straight to sleep because he didn’t trust me to keep my word, because I was guilty for not following through. Let’s just say, we both went to bed and woke up sexually frustrated, which led to arguments and no sex. I know, that’s stupid but that was my reality.
  4. My “P” – creates closeness. Now that I keep my promise with my husband, follow through on keeping my word and don’t blow my husband off, I can feel how close we have become. This closeness has also led to more sex that is enjoyable for the both of us. So girlfriend, make sure you are intentional about using your “P” by honoring your commitment, which creates a sense of value, that builds trust which, leads to closeness in your relationship. (Whew that was a mouthful! – no pun intended)

Have you ever dropped the ball in using your “P” to its fullest potential with you honey? What can you do or have you done to become better in this area?

24 thoughts on “Does Your P Have These 4 Amazing Powers?

  1. Very insightful. Thank you so much for being candid and honest. And in response to this comment … “I know, that’s stupid but that was my reality” … that’s far from stupid. It’s actually a lot of womens reality and we don’t even realize the part that we play. As of this moment, I “P”romise to do better.

  2. I was JUST thinking about all of the things that we promised each other when we got married. I was supposed to do a lot of things. 2 more kids and stuff has fallen to the side. I really need to remind myself of the promises I made at the beginning. Great post!

  3. I sure did click on this post like, whaaat? Lol. I think we all can work on fulfilling our promises that we make to our spouse, as well as ourselves and others.

  4. My promise has long fallen off its game. We recently had a come to Jesus moment about our relationship and so I’m working on “getting that old thang back”.

    I haven’t totally dropped the ball but I’ve been off my game for sure. We’re both looking forward to getting on track.

  5. I think I am good about keeping promises I make, but the thing is lately I don’t make many promises cause I know I am spread thin. Which probably makes him feel like he doesn’t matter as much at times. Always work that could be done. Thanks for pointing this out.

  6. I’m pretty good at keeping my promises to my husband. I normally won’t make a promise if I know it makes me uncomfortable or if I don’t have the time to do it.

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