Commit to Be Fit in 2017 Pt. 1

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Hey sis!

In 2017, let’s commit to getting fit so we can have healthy hearts and healthy relationships. I know too many women who are on medicine. I know others who have sleep machines. Others complain about so many ailments, that I rush off the phone when they go into their mode. I’m just being honest.

Weight causes a lot of these issues. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010. I could not see myself at 39, taking insulin shots for the rest of my life 3xs a day.

I had a choice to make, lose weight or go on meds.

I began in January and worked hard the entire 2011.  By my 40th birthday in November, I was down 53lbs and diabetes free. This is what I want for you.

Let’s commit to taking our health back. Let’s stick with the facts.

  • No one is born overweight.
  • Being “thick” does not run in our families.
  • No one is big boned.
  • Poor eating habits and lack of physical movement is what we mirror from our families.

I am not body shaming anyone for their size. I am clearly speaking from a health point of view. We accept those lies to justify staying unhealthy. I know I will never be a size 2 again.  I don’t need to be a size 16 either. At that size, I was diabetic.

HUH? WHAT? Yes, being a size 16 caused me to be diabetic.

Fun Fit is a black owned business!

I want you to commit to at least 6 of these 10 things. I would prefer that you did them all though. I’m just saying.

  1. Drink water – I know, I hate water too, but our bodies need it. In theory, we need to drink half our weight in ounces. Since I currently weigh 154lbs, I need to drink 77oz of water. That is 4 1/2 water bottles. Can you believe most days I only drink one?
  2. Remove unnecessary sugar. Soda, juice and coffee cream are full of sugar. Commit to reducing your intake slowly. If you drink 3 sodas a day, stretch it out and only drink 2 1/2 tomorrow. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon.
  3. Read labels. You will be surprised how much sugar, sodium, and fat is in our food. Check out serving sizes. Most food servings are 1/2 cup. I watched my mom pour a bowl of cereal the other day.She filled the bowl up. When we measured it out, she had 5 servings of cereal. WOW! My rule is to only buy items around the outer walls of the grocery store because they are fresh. Everything else is processed and can sit on a shelf for years. Imagine what that does to your body.
  4. Get your check up! Mammogram, pap smear and yes, blood work. It’s scary, I know. I’ve been there. Push past the fear and make those appointments. Know your numbers. Know where you need to be. Remember me and diabetes??? If I had not gone to the doctor, I would have never known I was diabetic. I watched an aunt ignore her diagnosis. She then had a toe cut off, then her foot, then her lower leg, then her upper leg, then she went blind and finally died before 60. That is a terrible way to go. All she had to do was change her diet and move her body. Please get your physical.
  5. Move your body. I don’t care if you can only walk for 15 minutes. If that is the case, walk for 15 minutes. Each day, add another minute to your walk. Download apps on your phone that can track your steps. Get a pedometer. Whatever it takes, get fit. I need you, your family needs you and the world needs you.

I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I broke this post up into 2 parts. I think this is a great place to start. Let’s go ladies! I can’t wait to celebrate your victories!

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26 thoughts on “Commit to Be Fit in 2017 Pt. 1

  1. I’m gonna get real serious about staying in shape not as a resolution but consistently. I’m too petite to be carrying this excess weight. I have a real issue with consuming water; I like it, but it makes me extremely bloated. Not encouraging at all 🙁 I also need to realize that I aint 20 anymore, and that it’s going to take some more effort. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Love this! And just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they are healthy. 2017 is my year to be healthy too. I’ve already been incorporating more fruits and veggies in my diet with a smoothie for breakfast and salad for lunch. Now for dinner and dessert, I go in with whatever I want to eat. Baby steps, lol.

  3. Congrats on losing the weight and being committed to taking better care of yourself, Tanya. Reading labels and knowing what the serving sizes are of the food we eat is so important. I’m committed to do that more this year. Great post!

  4. I have gained a bit of weight recently when I was down with a foot injury. I am pushing through to get it off, i dont like how it feels. let alone diabetes runs in my family.

  5. Hey queen! I can believe that you may only drink one water bottle a day, LOL. I, too, am drinking more water this year and I started on Christmas Day. So far, so good! I am not drinking half of my bodyweight yet but I am drinking more water than I ever have in the past! Be encouraged, sis.

  6. Good Stuff!!! I plan to increase my movement this year, I was doing good in the summer of last year then fell off I cant wait to get back! You just feel better when you are moving more!

  7. Hang my head in shame as i sit here drink my Pepsi… I have committed to working out more and dropping some weight this year. I went to donate blood on Christmas Eve and my blood pressure was too high to donate. I’ve been a donor for 20 years. how can I not be healthy enough to donate blood? I’m committing to do better. And I need one of those water bottles.

  8. My 15 year old just had her annual physical and her bp was elevated. I’m currently on bp meds. I don’t want that for my baby so we are making changes in our eating habits. This is a great post. Thanks for the motivation.

  9. One of my goals this year is to drink more water daily and exercise more. I am starting to see signs of aging. While these signs are normal, I want to age as gracefully as possible.

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