Celebrating MOMpreneur: Ronnie Tyler

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In the month of MAY we are Celebrating MOMpreneurs!

Every day, there will be FB live interviews and/or blog posts to introduce you to these amazing moms….



Ronnie Tyler



Tyler New Media, LLC








Social Media Handles 







ebooks, Documentary Films, digital courses, t-shirts …all supporting healthy marriage


Years in Business 

It will be 10 years this year!


Where is your target market location? 

Atlanta, DC Metro Area, Chicago, Dallas


Who is your target audience? 

African American couples – 35 to 55


What’s the “Why” behind your business?

To Support and Equip African American Marriages and Families. To show more positive images of marriage in our community.


What is one major obstacle you had to overcome to become the woman you are today? 

Learning from my past mistakes, forgiving myself and pushing forward.


How do you manage being a mom and/or wife and a thriving entrepreneur? 

There’s a lot of juggling going on. When you have a lot going on…you have to be intentional about spending time with your kids and your spouse, otherwise, time will get away from you. I also recognize when I have had enough and when it is time to take a break. If I don’t get my breaks, my family suffers as a result of me being stressed and cranky.


Any advice for those who are struggling with being a mom and/or wife and a thriving entrepreneur? 

Make sure you have something for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. That something may be a favorite meal that is just for you, your favorite cookies, your favorite TV show, taking a nap, working out for 30 minutes to an hour or quiet time to watch your favorite ratchet reality TV Shows. Whatever it is, take that time just for you.


Share any mommy/wife advice that you feel is necessary and priceless. 

Self-reflection and personal growth is a MUST. The more I improve as a person, the better my marriage becomes.


Any advice for those who feel like they are stuck? 

You will have to “do something” to get unstuck. You can’t wait on your spouse. If your spouse won’t do anything, then you do it. Go to counseling (alone if you have to), get involved with groups and marriage ministries, workout, spend time with your kids, and build your strength. You will find the clarity that you need to make a decision about your marriage. Sometimes, those things alone will be enough to make your spouse get with the program because he will want to be a part of your amazing transformation.

There are also times when your spouse is “stuck” but the difference will be you. You will be stronger and you will have clarity about what you need to go forward. If you stuck….”do something.” The same applies to your goals and career aspirations. If your spouse is not on board, then you have to get to work and show him some results.


Have you ever had to deal with negative people since becoming an entrepreneur? If so, how did you handle them? 

There are a few ways to handle negative people. 1.) Stop telling them your business. If they are negative, they don’t get any details or updates. 2.) Set some boundaries. If they cross the line, you have to the “nip that in the bud” right away and let them know it is not acceptable. 3.) Resist the urge to be negative with them. When you are feeling down, resist the urge to call your negative friends so that you all can have a “whining party” together. Don’t do it… you’ll regret it later. 4.) Limit exposure to these negative people. They will suck your energy…


Any advice for those who want to become an entrepreneur? 

It’s a lot of hard work. A lot of people like to look like entrepreneurs but they don’t want to do the work required to be successful. The work never stops. If you don’t like “getting money” or “drumming up business”, then don’t do it. If you don’t like change, then don’t do it. Things are constantly changing, so what works today may not work tomorrow. With all of that being said, the freedom you get as an entrepreneur is priceless. Your earning potential is limitless (as long as you are willing to put in the work.)


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Having an established team that will allow us to work on the vision of the company more, instead of us involved in the day-to-day operations.


If you could give your 18-year-old self advice, what would it be? 

Leave that fool alone…your mama was right!


Who inspires you and why? 

My husband, my father, and my mother…they are all hard workers. They know how to make a way out of no way.


Do you have any upcoming events?

  • TSPLive is our annual conference held locally in Atlanta, GA. This year the conference will be held at Le Meridien.   TSPLive is an intimate two-day, deep, dive sales and marketing bootcamp. TSPLive is open to anyone who is looking to increase profits and further develop their business. TSPLive 2017

  • We will be hosting our annual BMWK Marriage Cruise where couples will be strengthening and celebrating marriage. This year, BMWK will also be celebrating 10 years! 2017 BMWK Marriage Cruise

Thank you, Ronnie, for stopping by the Real Wife Movement to share your story and to motivate us. We applaud you!

Family, make sure you visit Ronnie’s websites or contact her via social media.

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  1. This was such an inspiring article. I love that you’re highlighting entrepreneurs and giving them a platform to share their product/services.

  2. Ronnie is definitely a hard worker, and her hustle game is very admirable. I love that she’s built a great business with her husband and has set clear goals for the future!

  3. Great Post!!! This sentence right here “Self-reflection and personal growth is a MUST. The more I improve as a person, the better my marriage becomes.” I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Congratulations to this beautiful mother for pursuing her dream! She will inspire many other moms to follow!

  5. I’ve been following Ronnie and her husband one their blog for years. They have some really good nuggets. It’s cool that you got to interview her!

  6. I’ve always admired Ronnie. I was hoping that I would get to meet her and Lamar, but I haven’t yet. Truly inspirational!

  7. Awesome interview. Congratulations on 10 years Ronnie! I’m all for celebrating and strengthening black marriages. I feel you 100% on making sure you do things to get “unstuck”, whether you have support from your spouse or not. It really does make you both stronger.

  8. I love Lamar and Ronnie and what they have built. But also that they are doing it together. I have had the opportunity to hear them speak at a couple conferences and they are definitely putting in the work! Love it!

  9. I love this article. They are definitely couples goals for me and I really admire what they have been able to build with their business and brand.

  10. Kudos to this mompreneur. I think what she is doing is awesome. I have bookmarked her website for future reference. Thanks for introducing her to me and for just having this platform to empower and celebrate folks in the community.

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