And You’re Not Voting Because???

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I did a quick search on Wikipedia on the presidential election and African Americans.  Wikipedia states that “in the United States, payment of a poll tax was a prerequisite to the registration for voting in a number of states. The tax emerged in some states of the United States in the late 19th century as part of the Jim Crow laws. The poll tax was sometimes used alone or together with a literacy qualification.” In some states, blacks had to define the Declaration of Independence even though they couldn’t read.

Imagine this….. My grandparents had to pay a POLL TAX just to vote….My mom found a copy of her dad’s receipt dated 1940 and he paid $4.50 which is equivalent to $76.00 today. I’m sure if you asked your family members who are 80 years old and older, they will have their own stories to tell.

Display at the National Museum of African American History and Culture
Display at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

My grandparents were sharecroppers (lived and worked on someone else’s land and shopped in their store) and still had to pay JUST TO VOTE.

Even though their money was always tight, they valued the right to vote. Franklin Roosevelt was on the ticket that year. Segregation, lynching and Jim Crow was the law of the land. Do you think Mr. Roosevelt had poor blacks, like my grandparents on his mind when he was running for president? Do you think he was visiting their churches and kissing their babies? No! He had the interest of the wealthy on his mind and their money in his pockets.

Painful reminder of our past. Some folks want to make America Great again...
Painful reminder of our past. Some folks want to make America Great again…

And You’re Not Voting Because???

I ask you, why are you sitting this one out? Why are you focusing on non-issues? We have two people running for the highest office in this country, who have their own agendas for their own gain. However, one person clearly wants to make American Great Again. Like it was in Franklin Roosevelt’s day? Are you serious friend? I say, no thank you sir! I like the fact that my 24 year old daughter can stay on my insurance, which I pay for every two weeks, until she is 26 and on her feet. I like that my family can live in a decent neighborhood with low crime and no policing.

By this time, you could have mailed your ballot in or early voted for 7 full days from 8am to 8pm. They made it too easy for you to vote. What is your excuse? Are you that unengaged? Are you that full of your self-righteousness?

And You’re Not Voting Because???

If you know me well, you know I’m huge on honoring those who came before me and their sacrifices they made, some with their lives and imprisonment. They did this so we can have the lifestyles we have today.

Remember, none of us are perfect, to include YOU! If you don’t know who to vote for, pray and then vote. It’s your right! It’s your duty! It’s your future.

24 thoughts on “And You’re Not Voting Because???

  1. I know someone personally who’s not voting and I don’t get it. My dad raised me to take advantage of the rights we have as blacks because of all that our ancestors fought for. Nuff said!

  2. I cannot understand those not voting or even those voting for a third party.
    Why waste you vote and give Trump more power?
    Like what don’t you get about how sad this election is?
    I just shared you post with some of the ‘I will sit this one out’ crowd.

    1. Thanks for sharing! We need to encourage the misinformed and uninformed to vote. This election is way bigger than the people who are running. It is about laws and benefits for years to come.

  3. Another problem is people don’t vote in local elections and most people don’t understand government and how it works. Electing the president isn’t enough we need to vote in local elections as well

  4. Hmmmmm…..okay so I’m going to be different. Whilst I recognized what our fore parents went through for us to vote, I think it is important that we vote responsibly, with integrity and for a candidate that feels good to us and stands for the things we believe in. And whilst I appreciate the fact that no one candidate will fit my (or anyone’s bill) in every area, I feel it is my right to withhold my vote if I feel dissatisfied with both candidates.

    Oh – I’m not American but Afro Caribbean, just so you know.

    1. An I respect and admire you for sharing that. I have quite a few friends who hold the same sentiment and I respect their thought too. However, like a marriage, there are some things you may not like about your spouse, but you ride with them anyway.Thank you sis for sharing your comment.

  5. I definitely do not like either candidate. However I vote for the reasons you discussed. People that look like me sacrificed their life, and so so much more. So no matter how I feel about either candidate I vote. I owe it to the ancestors.

  6. What kills me is when people say they don’t want to vote because of the electoral college, but then won’t vote in their local elections either. There’s no excuse for not casting a vote. Even if you’re writing in a candidate. I’m no fan of splitting the ballot on important races but to not make any effort to cast a vote is lunacy to me.

  7. Well looking at the election it made a turn for the worst anyways. Its just sad but for those who didnt even attempt to vote…cant really complain later.

  8. Besides for finances, social action is my second love. I think it’s so important that we exercise the right to vote. And even more important is to be civically involved in local elections as well as presidential elections.

  9. I voted and gave rides. This year was my first year early voting. I believe in exercising my right, but I also understand that my friends who don’t vote do not believe that the Electoral College (EC) has their best interest in mind. We live in a Republic, and I have yet to really find out how the EC is elected.

  10. I’ll admit, I was never the most enthusiastic about encouraging others to vote, until I came back from Europe this summer and realized that the candidates presented were NOT a joke. I always did my part and kept it moving. I went on two dates this week and BOTH of them said that they did not vote (one was before election day, one was after) and I was just immediately disgusted and turned off. It burns my soul that unfortunately it is a lot of “us” that are so woke they refuse to vote. It makes me sick and now, look at where we are. Sigh.

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