4 Mindset Shifts for the Purpose-Filled Woman

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This past weekend, I did some serious reflecting on my life. I compared this year to last year at this very same time. I saw a remarkable difference in the woman known as Tanya Barnett: 2016 Me vs. 2017 Me. The differences were like night and day. I am walking like a purpose filled woman.

I asked myself what the stark contrast was. After all, I still have the same home, husband, and kids. I did put on a few extra pounds, however, I can still fit my clothes(I refuse to buy a larger size).

All day, I continued to ask God to show me what happened to the old me (not that I was missing her or anything). I’m so glad, He gave me a great revelation: there was a shift.

My lifestyle shifted! My way of living life had changed. My mindset had been renewed.  I adopted strategies to have more control over my life, which resulted in an acceleration in achieving my goals and the progression of my businesses. A new VICTORIOUS ME EMERGED!

The were 4 changes I made and they all stemmed from a mindset shift—-

Devotion: I now begin each morning with a devotion no matter how short. Sometimes, I read a short one from the FIRST5 app. I also love the Bible app on my phone, especially since it reads scriptures to you. I let it play the scripture of the day while I am brushing my teeth; then, I say a quick prayer. This helps me set up my day for good things to happen. I say positive things about my day, my family and my businesses.

Discipline: This is a biggie. After my devotion time, I look over my monthly goals in my Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 2017 Transformational Calendar by Julian B Kiganda and Christine St.Vil. This calendar has a place to write goals and to write action steps (I needed this part the most.) I look at this daily and keep it on me all day long as a reminder of my purpose and of God’s promises. I love that it has quotes and a prayer in it. I glued Vision board items I want to achieve this year in the section for it. This helps me stay focused on what I need to do for the day and it helps me maintain the discipline to not get off track.

Don’t Over Commit: The major thing I did differently this year was I stopped over-committing. I actually stepped down from boards of 2 groups that I was no longer finding joy in and I also began to tell people “no”. At 1st, it was hard to say “no”, even to my husband, but in doing so, I am not going crazy trying to do 100 things every single day.

Do Take a Break: In the Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 2017 Transformational Calendar, there is a place to write how you will reward yourself for accomplishing the month’s goals. I am so glad this is in there. It forces me to take time for myself. So far, I began getting pedicures, massages and soon, I’ll go to lunch by myself. I never did these things before. Now, I let my husband know ahead of time, that this is my time and he respects it.

As you continue to walk in your purpose this year, what mindset shifts will you adopt to move closer towards your goals?

14 thoughts on “4 Mindset Shifts for the Purpose-Filled Woman

  1. Awesome read…you are very inspiring….I need to get on the ball with life’s goals. Thanks Tanya for sharing and always being transparent!

    1. Lady, I am preaching to myself. Trust me! I haven’t worked out in 2 months and have been eating terrible. I have the tight pants to prove it. LOL! After writing this, I was convicted to get back out there, so I ran 2.5 miles this morning and it hurt. You got this girl! I got you! You got me???

  2. Great post Tanya! It’s been a pleasure watching you grow into the powerhouse you’ve always been…just had to chip away at a few things to reveal all that fabulosity. Keep shining!

  3. It has gotten a little easier for me to say no. Most times I’d run myself ragged trying to keep up with invitations, but I need time to sit on the couch with my daughter and watch ballet movies and clean out the DVR… or polish my toes… or sleep. Over-committing has always been an issue for me, but I’m working on it!

  4. I used to read a daily devotional and somewhere along the way I stopped and I really miss it and need to start reading them again! I need to find one that is emailed to me daily!

  5. I’ve adopted the mindset of taking a break and not over-committing as well. I just take things one day at a time, remaining grateful for what I can get done in the meantime.

  6. Love your approach for purpose driven living – I too start with devotion each day, it makes such a huge difference. And I second your comments on discipline!

  7. These are all on point. The daily devotion is definitely something I miss doing. Sometimes I’m really disciplined aout doing it and then sometimes I fall off. I’m glad I read this. It’s a good reminder for me to put forth the effort to incorporate that back in to my daily routine. I felt alot better when I was doing it.

  8. Yes! Not over-committing and taking breaks have definitely been my areas of major improvement. It’s so necessary for your sanity as well as your purpose. Great post.

  9. Discipline is one of the strongest traits on here. If you can discipline yourself to a better and purposeful life you can truly get the life you desire steps at a time.

  10. Love and discipline accompanied by passionate blended with understanding drives my desire of fulfilling my purpose. Awesome read.

  11. I try to do a devotion as often as I can. I’ve been missing it though. This calendar sounds like something I need!

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