30 Days of Service Challenge for Couples

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Don and I decided to do a 30 Days of Service Challenge after watching the below video by Comedian Mike Goodwin.

Click here to watch videos and for details about the challenge.

I thought it was going to easy to knock out. Wrong! The 1st few days we were enthusiastic about out-serving each other. He made me breakfast in bed more than one Saturday. I fixed his plate on several occasions

I thought to myself, “This is going to be easy.” I thought, “Tanya, you got this.”

I quickly saw how unprepared I was to do this challenge. I gave it no thought and struggled the first few days. I actually realized that Don does way more for me than I do for him. That made me mad. I was determined to outdo him.

He is the messy person in our marriage so his side of the room is a train wreck. I decided to clean it up for him and to organize his closet. He was blown away because I usually fuss about how much of a mess his area is. After receiving a nice “wifey reward”, I decided to ramp this service thing up.

If you are inspired to take the 30 Days of Service Challenge, below are a few things I did for my husband or what he did for me.

  • Pack their lunch
  • Give them the evening off while you run the kids around
  • Drop off/pick up their dry cleaning
  • Fix their plate
  • Wash their clothes and put them away
  • Clean up their side of the room
  • Write a letter of appreciation
  • Place an envelope with a gift card from their favorite food spot in their car
  • Turn off the television and give them your time
  • Give a back massage after a shower
  • Give a pedicure (Yes, I did this for my honey and yes, it was weird.)
  • Grab their favorite food on the way home from work.

Side note: My sixteen year old daughter had a lot to say about me serving my husband. She was actually irritated by it all. I’m thankful she voiced her annoyance because this opened dialogue in our home about husbands and wives serving each other with both our teens.

This is not an exhaustive list but rather a start. I promise, you will see your spouse with different eyes after completing this challenge. Make sure to let me know how it goes. Share your comments via TW/FB/IG at @realwifecoach.

23 thoughts on “30 Days of Service Challenge for Couples

  1. OOOH! I need to share this with my friends. I am in no relationship, but I know this can be a great thing for couples to do outside of their normal day to day.

  2. A pedicure? Girl, that’s love. LOL! I try to help hubby out with little things like putting the kettle on for his morning tea or handing him his towel before he gets out of the shower, but this challenge could definitely help me step my wife game up!

  3. Wow 30 days of service. That definitely is a challenge indeed. I want to almost say that I wouldn’t be able to do it but after really thinking about it, I think it would be easy to do for someone that you REALLY love <3

  4. This reminds me of the Love Dare Challenge. I think I’ll give this a try and see if my husband picks up on it lol. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved being to join the call for this. I do each of these for my husband but he doesn’t see it as me doing something special. Because I’m a stay at home mom he says it’s my job.

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