3 Terrible Intimacy Killers to Avoid

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With the summer months heavily upon us, things are really heating up outside. Some people are feeling stressed out so, why not take advantage of this time to heat up the intimacy in your marriage. Trust me, your husband will be thanking you again and again for avoiding these terrible mistakes.

  1. Making him feel guilty for wanting you – Why do we do this??? I have done it so many times by saying things such as, “why do you keep smacking my butt?” and “I’m not a piece of meat for you to have any time you want.” Okay, so if you read my book, you know I share that MEN NEED SEX! Point blank! That’s it! If he is made to feel guilty for wanting his wife, trust and believe the ultra-sexy chick at work will not make him feel guilty for wanting her. Usually, it starts with either of them flirting and then it escalates into the “office wife”. Do I have your blood boiling now? Good, that was my intention. I want you to get your mind right and create an environment where your husband want only you. Try flirting with him. Why not smack him on his butt? Blind fold him, lead him to your room, and use what God gave you as a gift to your husband.couple-1531266
  2. Just Lying There – No man wants to make love to a person who is not in it. I heard this for years. My husband would say, I could pay a woman to make me feel wanted but I rather get that from you. *Ouch* That hurt. Once I processed his words, I decided to let them real me come out literally and now, we have a fun and exciting sex life. As I look back, I missed out on so much being a boring stick in the mud. I wish I had the insight to enjoy the moment.
  3. Rushing Him Through It – This is a big “NO-NO” and a huge turn off. We all do it. We rush because the kids are in the house, there’s laundry to be folded, dinner to be cooked, we got a head-ache, he done got on your last nerve, and the list goes on and on. Rushing through sex sends the message that we don’t value the intimate moment. Men need that release and what better vehicle for his release than with his wife. Rushing through it, cheapens the moment. I would suggest having a conversation prior to having sex, when things are super sweet. Let him know what you need to be fully engaged. If that means putting a movie on for the kids, or putting the babies to bed early, let him know that you need help with these so he can have your full attention. I’m sure he will understand and offer to help you. Once that’s done, enjoy your husband and have the beautiful sex that you were intended to have. After all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving as long as you two work together.

Which of these three intimacy killers can you improve upon?