2017 – The Year I Fight For My Life

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I was so hyped about 2017!

I mapped out all I want to do and even left space for anything God wants to bring my way. I talked to hubby to ensure he was on board with my vision.  He gave me the green light, so I was all set.

I checked my 2017 to-do list:

  • Prayers
  • Vision Board
  • 2017 Transformational Planner
  • Focus
  • Strategize
  • More Prayer
  • Leave FB groups that no longer fit my purpose
  • Join FB groups that do fit my purpose
  • Lose weight and get my A1C below diabetic once again
  • Travel for speaking engagements
  • Partner with people and organizations that fit my purpose
  • Even more prayer

I did all of this from the comfort of my home. Once I looked over all of this, I froze. I felt butterflies in my stomach transform into vultures fight over roadkill. I found myself sweating and feeling sick.

But why?


Fear of:

  • not being qualified
  • not having done this for long
  • not being taken seriously
  • friends thinking I was being brand-new
  • people not showing up to my events
  • people not purchasing my products and services
  • making mistakes
  • leaving my friends behind
  • not being able to balance it all
  • being rejected

All these things gripped me and literally held me by my neck. I had several sleepless nights this year. Yes, girl, me.

So, I woke up this morning determined not to allow fear to torment me anymore. I am in the fight for my life. I realize that I can’t go any further than where I am if I don’t fight back.

Ladies, this post is my request for accountability. 

I need you! I need you to say, “Hey, T, what’s up with this or that?” Hit me up via FB, IG, TW, email or carrier pigeon. I need my sisters to get all up in my face and make sure I get ish done. Straight up.

I need you to help me fight for my life.

28 thoughts on “2017 – The Year I Fight For My Life

  1. I’ve got your back! When you need some inspiration..reach out. I have some goals to kickstart my monetization in gear and we can support each other :-). You’ve got this!!!

  2. Don’t worry! I will gladly send you some gentle reminders on Twitter. We should definitely make sure we are all still on track and focused on the plans and changes we are striving to make!Good luck! I’ll be checking in!

  3. Great article. I feel the same way. I feel like I don’t know where to begin. Can I do this. Working on being consistent with my business, (Carrymyinspirations). I bought the planner too, but I am over thinking which goals can I accomplish. Thank you for your transparency.

  4. Thank you for being so transparent. I relate to several of the fears you listed and I am also determined to fight through them all. I know without a doubt that you’ll accomplish all of your goals and more. I’ll be checking in to hold you accountable.

  5. I love your list…I havent made my list for this year but I have it in my head. My bestfriend and I are getting together soon to do vision boards!

  6. YES! I haven’t made a full list, but I definitely need to get my life this year. I actually purchased the Fervent book per your recommendation. You got this!

  7. This is so awesome! I love the way you just put this out there! Sometimes, I have apprehensive about things like this, but you have given me encouragement! Thanks for sharing! BTW! I have your back!

  8. Hey, I know what it feels like to have to face your fears. We can help each other out! You got this!

  9. I hate when vision board are created just to collect dust for 12 months. Love your enthusiasm and motivation to get it done!

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