Tired to Wired in the Bedroom

We have all been there….you’ve worked your eight or nine hour day, or been home all day with the kids, helped them with their homework, cooked dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, bathed the kids, read them a story, and tucked them in.

After doing a few more things around the house, you make your way to bed.  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for…you hop in bed…get nice and snuggly until you realize he’s coming your way… He kisses your neck and begins to rub you.  He is obviously excited.

Your thoughts, “NOT tonight! I’m too tired for this mess,” or, “I don’t have time for this right now.” or “He likes the same positions all of the time,” or, “He’s is a one-minute wonder,” or “Can’t he see how hard I’ve worked all day, the meal I prepared, how clean the house is?” or, all of the above.  

If you are wise, you will not share these thoughts….oh, no! You are way too considerate.  You take the “polite” route and utter in your sweetest voice, “Honey, you know I have a headache, right?”

{Insert every sad, confused, disappointed face emoji known to mankind………}

He’s crushed.  You wish you had the energy to fire up your bedroom. You wish things were more exciting and spontaneous.  But, you don’t and they aren’t.  You are tired….with a real or imagined headache….
I know how you feel, Sis. I’ve been there too.  It’s been 17 years of marriage for us and thank God, I am no longer tired! I’m wired! My bedroom is finally on fire!  

You know what?  I want you to feel this sexual revitalization too!  So, rub your tired eyes and read my 5 Tips to Revitalize Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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3 thoughts on “Tired to Wired in the Bedroom”

  1. Girl… Lol. Some days this is my life! Praise God, we do experience fire, just not everyday, lol.

  2. Great article! We have to consider their feelings sometimes. But I always keep in mind what Uncle Steve said…’Men won’t go without for too long!” So we don’t have too many headache nights. lol


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