Put the Cherry On Top of Your Intimacy, TODAY!

cherry on top

Marriage needs intimacy! Think of it as watering a garden. If you don’t water your garden, it gets dry and shrivels up. Intimacy is the same.

When it’s robust and frequent, you feel closer to your husband. When it’s not, you feel stressed out and irritated. I understand, this may not apply to everyone but for most of the married women I’ve spoken to, this is their story.

Below are some tips for putting a cherry on top of your intimacy.

  1. Be Spontaneous – Men love to get it on any time and any where. Be open to this. If you have little ones, ask him to help you distract them and then go for it. This keeps it fun!
  2. Initiate – My husband loves when he receives a text in the middle of the day from me telling him I need a “tune-up” when he gets home. I have teenagers, so I have to get creative. I’ll have them do something outside the house like having my son cut the grass and asking my daughter to walk the dog. When my honey gets home, his mind is zeroed in on me, not his work day . Of course, I benefit for relaxing him after his hour commute.
  3. Change Location – Try the closet, tub or basement. This keeps it spicy and different. Men like to be excited! They are visual, so moving it from the bedroom is a real turn-on.
  4. Take a Bath Together – This may take some planning. I light candles, run a bubble bath and turn on the Jocedi Pandora station. Most of the time we just lay there and talk.  We lock the bathroom door and if our kids knock on it, hubby yells that I’m in the bath and he’s talking to me. We get several “Ewwwwwww, that’s gross” but they leave and don’t come back. After the bath, head to the bed.

Girlfriend, I hope these ideas help you put the cherry on top of your intimacy and bring you closer to your husband.

What are some ways you add more to increase your intimacy?

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