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I have been working on changing my perspective so that I can change my life. I noticed when I wake up with thanksgiving in my heart and mouth, my tone is set for a great day.

Why is this important you ask? Because I used to say I was not a morning person. I would wake up and be rude and nasty to people regularly. I would not even allow my husband to talk to me in the mornings, so we would leave the house everyday without speaking. Looking back on this, makes me realize how ridiculous that is.

Over the summer, a high school friend of mine passed away from cancer. She was one of the sweetest and most life-loving people I ever met. We were all devastated that this happened to her. After all, we are only 44, so this is not supposed to happen to us.

The day after I heard of her passing, I went back to my routine of waking up mad and not speaking to my hubby. As I laced up to go for a run and drank my coffee, I waved the hubby goodbye. He asked me if he could talk to me now or did he have to wait until I was ready. I gave him the usual answer that I would call him later.

I started my run no different than any other morning run but as I ran THIS DAY, I clearly heard the still small voice of God ask me, “What are you doing? Don’t you know it’s me who wakes you up everyday? You have another day to be thankful and this is how you start it?” I stopped running right in my tracks.

I slowly began to walk while replaying the words in my head. I heard the 3 words my pastor has us repeat almost every service: RECEIVE, CHANGE, GIVE! My heart was then flooded with the fact that I have been receiving God’s Word daily but in this area of my life I was not changing and in my not changing, I was not giving my husband any type of love in the morning. I know, it’s CRAZY! I can admit it.

As I continued walking, I was looking straight ahead and in front of me were nothing but gray clouds and my neighborhood. Nothing spectacular! However, as I was praying and asking God to forgive me for all the years I wasted being mean and nasty morning after morning, I decided to look up.


I was in TOTAL AWE! God is FAITHFUL to confirm His WORD! Every since this day, I wake up ready to get my days going! JOIN ME to see what He has for you!

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  1. Awesome testimony! I have a co-worker that is the same way and I will definitely be showing her this. Most mornings I proclaim my will for the day and I find that I have a better day when I do so. It definitely takes effort to do so but I see the difference therefore, I’m more conscious of it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whoo, God is awesome! I love how he meets us right where we are. Many mornings I have to tell myself that it is a new day, a new beginning and a fresh new start. The garbage of yesterday is gone. Start this day fresh!

  3. Reading your journey is so fascinating to me. The person I’ve come to know is nothing like this person I’ve been reading about. I’m so thankful for the change of heart and I’m sure Hubby is too. He got a new wife.

  4. So many people walk around not even realizing that they have the attitudes they have and the crazy thing is it all has to do with our thinking. It’s great you changed and listened to God!

  5. So sorry to hear about your dear friend who passed. Although you felt gloomy and frustrated I am happy you sought God to fill your heart up with light. We all need to do that more often.

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