Jesse Williams’ Speech Taught Me These “5” Things about Being a Wife

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I love strong men! I especially love a man who speaks with his heart and mind with no apologies. This is super sexy to me.jesse-williams-435

I listened to and re-read Jesse Williams’ acceptance speech at the 2016 BET Awards and was blown away by one simple phrase. He said, “And also, thank my amazing wife for changing my life.” These 10 words held so much power in them and made me think about the job of being a wife.

  1. Jesse said his wife is AMAZING! That is pretty darn powerful! I have not heard any man call his wife amazing. This showed me how much he values her and was not afraid to tell the world that she was the ONE.
  2. He said she changed his life. WOW! That is jaw-dropping. This made me think about our influence on our husbands. How are you using your influence? Are you building your husband up to be the best he can be or are you constantly badgering him and tearing him down? She changed this man’s life. They met when he was a high school teacher. This means she married a man who was a public servant. Their union propelled him to where he is now. She’s a bad-mamma-jamma.
  3. As I replJesse williams wifeayed this phrase, I started to reflect over the last 17 years I’ve been married to my husband. Sadly, for 15 years, I was not an AMAZING wife. I realized that I had to decide to be amazing. It’s a CHOICE ladies.
  4. It’s okay to support and uplift your husband. I said it. You can and must support him. If you do not, another woman will.
  5. It’s not too late! YOU CAN CHANGE TODAY! If I can change after 15 years of being a terrible wife, so can you. It only takes you making a choice TODAY to change.

What is that ONE thing you can change today to become an AMAZING wife? Let’s talk about it. Comment below….

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 Images courtesy of Kevin Winter/BET/Getty Images for BET and Daily Mail UK.