Indie 500 Fashion Show

Indie 500 Fashion Week Finale Runway Show

I had the awesome opportunity to cover the Indie 500 Fashion Week Finale Runway Show. Hubby and I made it a date night and surprisingly, he enjoyed it. He loved that there were designers who made men’s clothing.
img_2574Indie Fashion Week  was created by Harley Morgan and Terrance Payton (ROE the Agency, LLC) to create a fresh look at independent fashions who may not be able to gain big recognition when they first launch on the scene. Throughout the week, the color PURPLE was represented throughout all of the events and several songs by Prince were the theme of each individual event.

Most of these designers made their debut at this event, which made it even more special for me. I love seeing young people go for their dreams and make it happen.

The show started with a full homage to Prince with a singer and dancers. I loved the energy of it and the dances were old school dances. After that, the first half began. There was a powerful soliloquy that dealt with Black Lives Matter in between a few designers. The Prince impersonator came out also for a wardrobe change. (Check out gallery for pictures.)

After the 1st half, there was a brief intermission which consisted of  mixing and mingling as well as samples from IZZE Sparkling Juices. I love apple, so I choice the Sparkling Apple, which was refreshing. There was also a snack bar to purchase snacks and beverages as well as a few vendors.

+ Blair Devon Collection
+ Love Candy Apparel
+ Knotilus
+ Toraz
+ “Apocalypse” by King O
+ G Star RAW + Emporium
+ Jon Marc Full Figured Swimwear
+ DJS Lifestyles
+ Twelve 16
+ Klashaa’s Closet
+ “Elevated Opulence” by King O

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19 thoughts on “Indie 500 Fashion Week Finale Runway Show”

  1. I love fashion event and this look like one I would love have been.

  2. I love to attend these type of events! Fashion, mixing and mingling is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve always wanted to attend a fashion event. This one seems like it was a lot of fun.

  4. Fashion show are such a cool way to learn about up and coming designers before they become huge successes! Looks like you had a great time.

  5. I love a good fashion show. I actually heard about this one through a few of my Facebook friends who are models. Great post!

  6. Prince died on my birthday so I’ll forever be purple’d out. I also think it’s important that we bring awareness to Black Lives Matter. It’s becoming impossible to ignore which is major.

  7. Fashion shows are the best. I love to see the new fashions, as well as getting a first look at new designers.
    This one looks like it was real cool

  8. A runway should that had a dedication to Prince. I bet that was awesome, would of love to have seen the photo recap of those I am sure it was a sight to see!

  9. This looked like a great time. My sister would have really loved this. She is the biggest fan of Prince.


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