Free To Say “NO”

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Hey Sis,
Let me tell you something: I had several panic attacks last week.
Yes, me. 
You see, I was offered another substitute position in my current school that was paying way more money than my previous substitute position. You already know that I took it. I was looking at the money but not the case load. It was Special Education Math teacher. Truth be told, I had no business taking this assignment. #1 – It was Special Ed, something I had never done before and #2 – I hate math. I should have said “NO” from jump street.
On top of that, I was hit with the flu, my daughter had the States cheer competition that was 2 hours away, I was faced with several deadlines and had to cover 2 events within days of each other.
Simply put, I was “doing the MOST”.
Well, it all came crashing down with this new job assignment. I was up every night last week. My stomach started hurting and I was waking up dreading going to work. Been there, done that and wrote a blog post about it.  Click HERE to read it.
I struggled with staying on until the end of the school year, or walking away. I chatted with the hubby and he agreed, my sanity was way more important than this assignment. I gathered the courage to email the principal Monday night. I told her, I was rescinding my acceptance of the offer and that I would stay until Friday.
the minute I hit send, my anxiety shot all the way down. I did feel a little prick of it Tuesday morning, but I took a deep breath and kept it moving.
This was the 1st time in my life where I did not struggle with saying “NO”. For years, I felt paralyzed and trapped and stayed in things I was to move away from. These aren’t bad things, on the contrary, they were good things. However, my season was long over in many but I was not Free to say “No”.
2017 is my year to be FREE!!!! I will use my “No” to serve me. I don’t care what it is, my “No” leads to peace. My “NO” leads to joy. My “No” keeps me sane.
I will use my “No” to be free!

31 thoughts on “Free To Say “NO”

  1. The word “No,” is very powerful it has a lasting effect just like the word “Yes,” depending on the situation. I totally agree that sometimes your freedom can depend on just making choice words and decisions for your life.

  2. Good for you! I’m working on saying No to things that aren’t good for my mental health more and more, and sometimes do so without explanation. No is a complete sentence. Great post!

  3. There is power in No! I feel often times we don’t want to say it out of fear of inconveniencing or hurting someone else. Well, I say don’t hurt yourself, utilize your power of no.

  4. I’m glad you realized that you needed to turn that assignment down. There is no shame in saying “No.” Good for you.

  5. Listen, this is my life. I am the QUEEN of doing the most and have had such a hard time saying No. In 2017, I have started and it is the best relief. On top of that, I realized that i am grown and don’t always have to give an explanation as to why my answer is no. That is a relief as well.

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