Free To Say “NO”

Hey Sis,
Let me tell you something: I had several panic attacks last week.
Yes, me. 
You see, I was offered another substitute position in my current school that was paying way more money than my previous substitute position. You already know that I took it. I was looking at the money but not the case load. It was Special Education Math teacher. Truth be told, I had no business taking this assignment. #1 – It was Special Ed, something I had never done before and #2 – I hate math. I should have said “NO” from jump street.
On top of that, I was hit with the flu, my daughter had the States cheer competition that was 2 hours away, I was faced with several deadlines and had to cover 2 events within days of each other.
Simply put, I was “doing the MOST”.
Well, it all came crashing down with this new job assignment. I was up every night last week. My stomach started hurting and I was waking up dreading going to work. Been there, done that and wrote a blog post about it.  Click HERE to read it.
I struggled with staying on until the end of the school year, or walking away. I chatted with the hubby and he agreed, my sanity was way more important than this assignment. I gathered the courage to email the principal Monday night. I told her, I was rescinding my acceptance of the offer and that I would stay until Friday.
the minute I hit send, my anxiety shot all the way down. I did feel a little prick of it Tuesday morning, but I took a deep breath and kept it moving.
This was the 1st time in my life where I did not struggle with saying “NO”. For years, I felt paralyzed and trapped and stayed in things I was to move away from. These aren’t bad things, on the contrary, they were good things. However, my season was long over in many but I was not Free to say “No”.
2017 is my year to be FREE!!!! I will use my “No” to serve me. I don’t care what it is, my “No” leads to peace. My “NO” leads to joy. My “No” keeps me sane.
I will use my “No” to be free!
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5 thoughts on “Free To Say “NO””

  1. The word “No,” is very powerful it has a lasting effect just like the word “Yes,” depending on the situation. I totally agree that sometimes your freedom can depend on just making choice words and decisions for your life.

  2. I had to learn that no was a complete sentence. Saying no to someone else and it saying yes to me.


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