{DATENITE RECAP} “Chopped” Bartender Competition

I had a date nite with the honey that had a twist. 1st, it was on a Tuesday night and 2nd, it was a bartender competition. We attended the BELVEDERE Red “Chopped” Bartender Competition GRAND FINALE at SAX Restaurant in Washington, DC.

Me and the Honey

I never attended a bartender event so I was super excited to go. This is definitely a great date nite outing. Don and I had a lot of fun. they had free food and an open bar with drinks made with Belvedere Vodka.

Belvedere t-shirts, sunglasses

Don said the drinks were tasty. I’m eating and drinking clean for 30 days so I could only drink water and eat the fruit.

Cocktail made with Belvedere RED Voda

The bartenders were Tyler of Joe’s Crab Shop on 15th and H, Crystal of Sound Check and Frank Mills of Jack Rose Bar & Saloon and Roofers Union. They were given mystery ingredients and had 20 minutes to create a drink for the 3 judges and the MC.

Crystal – Sound Check
Tyler – Joe’s Stone Crab
Frank Mills –

The mystery ingredients were: grapefruit, rye malt, simple syrup, and smoked paprika.

Belvedere RED Girls

They had the option of using cranberry and orange juice and well as soda. Once the timer started, they were hot on it.

Crystal getting it in
Frank in the zone
Tyler was grooving

The judges took almost 20 minutes to deliberate about who the winner would be. they each said it was a tough choice to make and no one wanted to say who the 2 to get “chopped” were.

Crystals Lady in RED
Judges tasting Lady In RED

The 3 drinks were: Crystal – Lady In RED, Frank – The Sour Invested in Me, and I could not make out what Tyler said the name of his drink was. It was long….LOL!

All 3 drinks
Judges talking about the drinks
The bartenders receiving feedback on their drinks
Judge #1
Judge #2
Judge #3

The judges finally let us know that Frank was the winner. He actual smoked his paprika again with a mini torch, which made his drink extra smoky.

Chopped Champion, Frank Mills, the Founder and COO of DrinkLock.

I also ran into Mo Ivory, radio personality from WHUR.

Mo Ivory, WHUR 96.3fm

For a fun date nite that is not the usual event, check out a Belvedere Bartender competition. You and your honey will be entertained and meet new friends.

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  1. Looks like you two had a great date night. When I go out to events, I’m always asking for the non alcoholic version and end up loving it.

    1. I always feel limited when I go out because I don’t really drink. I never thought to ask for a non-alcoholic version. Good idea!

  2. A perfect date night! You guys look like you had a good time. I love doing the unexpected on date nights.

  3. This was great for a date night. My husband likes to attend events like this with me too!

  4. What a great date night and a really cool event. I would live to check out one of these events because it is so different. Great pics!!

  5. Looks like it was such a fun event, wish I could’ve been a judge in the competition! lol Great post.

  6. I know you all both have busy schedules, great that you still make time for date night! I don’t think I heard the John Legend song, I need to look it up..

  7. This event was great, I am so glad we once again were able to spend time together and a fabulous event.


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