5 Ways To Make Time for Your Boo During the Holidays- Part 1

The holidays are an exciting time. I love spending time with my family and traveling. I love eating yummy foods from my childhood. In the midst of all of this, my to-do list gets pretty long. I’m thinking about making dentist appointments while the kids are off, refilling meds, getting the dog to the groomer and on and on. Unfortunately, my Boo/hubby rarely makes onto this list. It’s more like he gets half of the list to help a sister out. You know what I am saying?

When he complained the other day about feeling last or left out, I was a little offended at first. In my head, I was thinking, “dude, I got a lot of stuff to do and I’m exhausted. I am not Aunt Jemima.”

I took a pause and got myself together. I asked Don what did I need to do to make him feel like he was on my list. You ladies already knew what his answer was. Men!

Being the TOTALLY AMAZING WIFE that I am, I CHOSE to oblige him. After all, I could scratch this off my list in like 5 minutes. LOL! After he got his fix, I was ready to hit my errands with a newfound pep in my step, and guess what, he was too!! It was a win/win for the both of us. Hey,  I live by the Bible verse that says, “give, and it shall be given unto you.”

I wanted to share a few tips the next several days of how to make time for your Boo during this holiday season. It’s important that we stayed in tuned, so these next two weeks are enjoyable for everybody. I promise he will thank you for it in one way or another.

Tip #1

Communicate – As you saw from what I shared, we had to have a conversation. State your needs. Listen to his. Take a moment to have a conversation. Not just through text messaging. Things can get so mixed up through texts. Or like what happened to us, he has gotten my texts a few days later. I’m looking at my phone thinking he is ignoring me because I see ‘delivered.’

Once we had our conversation, we both had a choice to make. Do we work together or do we stay selfish? Working together ensured everyone got what they needed. Hubby needed his intimate time, and I had no idea that I really needed a brother to give me the hook up too.

Find a place to talk with no distractions. Since we have teenagers, we lock our bedroom door and just chill in there to talk. Our kids know they better not knock on our door when it is closed. Establishing communication is so key as we close out this year.

So, I want you to take a few moments to be intentional about asking him if he has any needs right now. In the same vain, let him know your needs too.

I heard these two songs in my car the other day. They summed it all up perfectly.

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20 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Time for Your Boo During the Holidays- Part 1”

  1. Communication is the key! It is so easy to forget that during this busy holiday season!

  2. I guess I didnt think about this happening…but once my husband comes home from work I will ask him if he feels left out. His response will probably be a lot like your husbands, but I don’t mind! Sometimes we need a reminder and this served as just that!

  3. Communication is so big in relationships. And men usually are not big on communication. I remember int he beginning my husband said I think I am communicating but what I have to do is over communicate. Once he got that, we had a much better flow. I try to ask him what he needs from me, but sometimes I need him to stop me dead in my tracks and say “YO!”….

  4. Great post, Tanya! Communication is key, and we all need the hook up every now and then. Happy holidays, Sis.

  5. Babe and I don’t date enough. I’m looking forward to some time off so we can hang a little bit.

  6. “Tell me what cha want, tell me what cha need, tell me if it ain’t good enough for ya baby!” I love that song. As I prepare to be a wife one day, that communication is something I am consistantly working on. With it just being be, I have to remind myself to consider others and communicate. Sometimes I find myself getting upset when someone asks me about something I’m doing or if someone is genuinely concerned checks on me. I realize I can’t be so guarded and independent when I that time comes. Thanks so much for this reminder!

  7. Although I am not a wife, I think that communication is so important in relationships and should be part of any foundation that you are building on. Great post and excellent tip.

  8. I just had this conversation with a relative. Communication is key in relationships. Lack of communication leads to things we hate. Speak up! This article is so on time. Thank you.

  9. Communication is definitely key. OMG and you took me back, way back with Dru Hill’s tell me. FYI: I love you two’s transparency.

  10. This is awesome lol. Yup I think we all knew the answer to that question 😀 This is something I’m currently working on with my bae. He and I both are exhausted during the week from taking care of the kids, his job, my blog life, stuff around the house…it gets crazy. But I have to remember that before all of this “stuff” came in to play there was just us. We gotta take care of each other.

  11. Cute – a wife’s gotta do what a wife’s gotta do! Love it and yes communication is everything!!!


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