2017 The Black Love Experience

Black Creatives

(From the Black Love Experience website) Originating from the masterminds behind Nubian Hueman, The Black Love Experience is a conglomerate of artistry and inventiveness geared towards creatives, revolutionaries, kindred souls, and fearless visionaries celebrating ourselves under the canopy of all things Black. This event connects the vibrant creative community of the Washington DC Metro Area and beyond, through expressions of music, art, wellness, and creative commerce, but most of all it’s good vibes and togetherness. To contain it under the guise of a party, pop-up, concert, or gathering of any kind would be an understatement.

A portion of our proceeds go towards organizations and schools in our local community.  

Art work picture of braids by Shani Crowe
Black Love Experience Founder, Anika Hobbs, owner Nubian Hueman

This event was more than I could imagine. I attended last year as a volunteer and this year I was an AMBASSADOR!

Anika had so much community support. The below flyer is just a smidgen of the people who gave to this event.

When I tell you being in this space was like being in my village…..I loved everything about it. There were workshops, speed conversations, music, painting, art and a space full of entrepreneurs with items by us, for us. Hubby and I bought our share of shirts and items for our teens.

Anika put together an awesome event that had something for everyone. There were Black jewelry makers, Black soap companies, Black oil companies, Black authors, headwrap masters, even a company that made products from mushrooms.

There were community chats, live hair braiding exhibits, a comedy show and even vision boarding. I met black farmers, black homeschooling collective leaders, HBCU professors, YOGIs, comedians, etc. I learned the ancient art of keeping your lady parts healthy while hubby learned how to increase his YANG.

The community chats were the highlight for me. To be able to ask questions from folks that are making a difference in our community, was priceless.

Community Chats

On the Black-Hand Side: Supporting and Sustaining Black Creativity

  • Curated by Risikat Okedeyi
  • Grace Gyemfi
  • Madia Brown
  • Rodney “BUCK” Herring
  • Sheldon Scott
  •  Tamara Wellons
On The Black-Hand Side

Creative Resistance

  • Curated by Risikat Okedeyi
  • Amina Carter
  • Eshe Armah
  • Adamaah Grayse
  • Tewodross “TEO” Melchishua
  • Edwards Jones
Creative Resistance

This event taught me that we are an innovative people and if we support each other, the community grows.

If you missed it this year, I will see you next year, same place, same time!

Most pictures have a link to perspective websites.

Eboni Costain, founder UJAMAA BOX
Diana R Ramsey, Founder Sisters With Beauty
My hubby was my amazing photographer
Mayasa Talfair taught us about “womb health”
Live performance by Shani Crowe, braids Solange Knowles and Saint Heron. She braided hair all night long.
Amchat Edwards taught men breathing practices to activate and increase the male YANG.
Better Backs gave back massages
Art by James “JAI” Davis. This painting was started and completed during the event.

Some of the vendors:

Black on Black

Society of Young Revolutionaries

It was super packed upstairs and downstairs.

Young sisters rocking their headwraps

Her braids were all that!
Rocking natural hair!
Vintage Charmed Consignment Shop
Black Card Revoked game, Sold in Nubian Hueman
Paintings by Llanakila
Live art painting by Llanakila
Nubian Hueman, owned by the Black Love Experience founder, Anika Hobbs
Real Life Conversations Hosted by Krystal Glass of Krystal Glass Communications
Upstairs – DJ Underdog

Downstairs – DJ Jaz Dux
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  1. Looks like a great night and you must have been thrilled to be an ambassador. Great outfit you had 🙂

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  5. This looks like you had so much fun! I would have loved to attend with the hubs for sure!!

  6. I had such a great time attending the event for the first time. My husband and I were overwhelmed with all the people when we first got there. But we moved around and got acclimated and really enjoyed it. I probably walked right by you at some point!

  7. When I see posts like this, I miss living in DC so hard!! Looks like a great event! Would have loved to attend

  8. Looks like an amazing event. There are so many different things happening. Looks like a great way to network and meet people too.

  9. What a great recaps. Perfect month for Black History Month and the Month of love I would of enjoyed attending this event.

  10. First the event looked amazing, secondly the graphic tees are everything, and lastly why didn’t I get an invite?

  11. This is a really great recap. The event looked amazing. I wish that they would have events like this in Chicago.

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